URL Form


  • keyword = The RNA Symbol or RNA ID that you want to search
  • type = The keyword type that you want to search
  • category = The RNA category that you want to search
  • species = The species that you want to search
  • subLocalization = The RNA subcellular localization that you want to search

Specification of Tag Values

  • For " type " tag:
Valid Values Note
Symbol searching by RNA Symbol
Entrez searching by Entrez ID
miRBase searching by miRBase ID
RNAcentral searching by RNAcentral identifier
circBase searching by circBase ID
exoRBase searching by exoRBase ID
  • For " category " tag:
Valid Values Note
miRNA category limit to 'miRNA'
mRNA category limit to 'mRNA'
* don't limit category
  • For " species " tag:
Valid Values Note
Homo sapiens species limit to 'Homo sapiens'
Mus musculus species limit to 'Mus musculus'
* don't limit species
  • For " subLocalization " tag:
Valid Values Note
Cytosol subcellular localization limit to 'Cytosol'
Nucleus subcellular localization limit to 'Nucleus'
* don't limit subcellular localization